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What is the NEN-EN-1335 standard for office chairs?

The NEN-EN-1335 standard is the Dutch name for the European standard EN-1335. NEN stands for Dutch Ergonomics Norm. The latest version of this standard (part 1, dimensions) dates from the year 2000.

The NEN-EN-1335 specifies the dimensions of the office chair, as well as the test methods and their determination.

Part one of the standard determines the dimensions of the office chair (described as an office chair). For example, it has been determined that the seat of an office chair may be 40-42 cm deep and the width of the seat 40 cm. Parts 2 and 3 of NEN-EN-1335 describe how these measures are determined and tested. The dimensions and adjustment dimensions of the backrest and armrests are also described.

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