Gaming room inrichten in deze 10 stappen

Set up a gaming room in these 10 steps

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What do you need for a game room? In the first place, of course, a gaming system such as a Game PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Switch and cool games to play. Friends for online play are also indispensable or go for single-player. However, setting up a gaming room presents you with more challenges than finding a power outlet nearby. You can set up an entire room as a game room or relax in your game bedroom after a heated session, it's all possible. We help you in 10 steps to set up the perfect game room. Or rather in 10 levels, then we're sure you'll keep your attention!

Level 1: Room

What good is a laundry room? Put that washing machine in the attic and set up a game room! Maybe you can't quite sell this to your roommates and you have to make do with a game bedroom. This doesn't have to be a problem, it's just a bit of fitting and measuring. If you live very small, a sofa bed or folding system may seem attractive, but you have to move and build again and again before you can play games, sleep or iron. Rather divide the space that you have thought through. More space in a gaming room is a luxury, not a necessity. The next levels are much more important.

Level 2: System

What do you need for a game room? What kind of gamer are you? A PC system will take up a bit more space than a console. On the other hand, many console gamers often have many separate boxes with games and/or peripherals. Are you multi platform? Then keep your gear separate and don't leave your game room accessories lying around. Not because your mouse will fight with a gamepad, but mainly to keep an overview and prevent clutter.

Level 3: Desk

You don't build a house on loose sand, you need a solid foundation. Your gaming experience will improve if you buy a decent gaming agency, and your ranking probably will too! Game desks come in different types, price ranges and with unique features. Preferably go for a competition standard desk. They meet international standards and fit very well with most game types. Are you taller or smaller than average? Then a desk that is adjustable in height can be a good choice.

Level 4: Chair

The trend of 'standing working' is a bit over, standing gaming has never caught on at all. You want to sit comfortably, but comfortable is not always ergonomic. A good office chair to work in is not the same as a good gaming chair. For long gaming sessions you want the material to breathe well, the color and styling obviously also play a role. Pay attention to the adjustment options such as height and rotation. A very expensive chair is really not necessary, cheap is often expensive if you spend many hours on your gaming chair. Want to really go next level with comfort? Then go for an ergonomic gaming chair or opt for the ultimate luxury gaming chair .

Level 5: Monitor

Have you just arrived at the game monitor level? Of course, this topic is of great interest to many gamers and rightly so. Setting up a good game room without a good screen is not a real game room. PC gamers usually go for 2 or even 4 monitors. More looks impressive, but rather buy 2 high-resolution screens with a high frame rate and high number of nits than 4 budget monitors that produce a blurry image. Hang them on the wall with sturdy brackets, this will save you space on the desk. You are then less flexible when redesigning your game room. You can always opt for a monitor arm that you can attach to your desk.

Level 6: Cabling

Now we come to the less visible game room accessories that are very important. Neatly hide cables, game desks are usually equipped with cable ducts. Tie wraps allow you to tie cables together, but clips can be more convenient as they allow you to easily remove or add cables. When furnishing a gaming room, you can install a 'false wall' or a plinth where you can hide cables. Make sure outlets are grounded and there is no interference.

Level 7: Enlightenment

And then there was light. It was about time because only light from the monitors is not really pleasant for your eyes. There are game desks with built-in lighting, you can also hang a ceiling lamp, hang it on the wall or place loose (twilight) lamps. LED strips are not only beautiful to look at but also practical. Always opt for LED, so no old light bulbs. This saves you energy, LED is also safer because this lighting does not get hot. Dimmable lamps are preferred because then you can play perfectly under all conditions. In addition, RGB lighting always works well in a real game room.

Level 8: Storage space

Let's not forget storage space to store your game room accessories. Not only does it look neater, it also allows you to find everything when you need something. Shelves on the wall are ideal in that respect. Adjustable wall racks from the DIY store don't look pretty, but they are handy. You don't have to hide most accessories behind doors, rather keep an overview of your stuff. In a game bedroom you will want to store a little more in cupboards. Also take a look at cheap second-hand (computer) store shelves, which you can refurbish yourself.

Level 9: Chill out features

Downtime also matters to a gamer. Turn the switch every now and then and relax in your gaming chair, on a bench in the corner or a bean bag. Keep your snacks and drinks away from the electronics, of course having your own mini-fridge is really… well, literally 'cool'. You will therefore enjoy your adjustable LED lights more.

Level 10: Personal touch

There are wonderful examples of game rooms to be found online, ultimately your room must connect to who you are. If someone steps into your room, it must immediately be clear who you are, what you stand for and what interests you. These can be action figures on a shelf, plushies, posters of your favorite games or levels of your favorite game as wall stickers. Be a little careful with permanent elements because some games can get boring after a while. And then you're stuck with your wall full of Barbie, The Unicorn Princess for PS4 artwork. Just kidding, that game never gets old!

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