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Gaming chairs with 150kg+ carrying weight

For gamers, a firm and comfortable seat while gaming is very important. It is also essential for the somewhat wider / heavier among us that you have a sturdy chair. That is why we also offer a gaming chair for heavy people. These chairs have an extra strong frame, extra padding and are a suitable gaming chair 150 kg.

How does a gaming chair for heavy people differ?

A gaming chair for heavy people, or a gaming chair with a higher carrying weight, differs from a standard gaming chair in a few aspects. Firstly, a gaming chair with a carrying weight of 150 kg has a sturdier metal frame. This ensures that the gaming chair has a heavier and stronger base so that the chair does not fall over while using the chair. The gaming chair with a carrying weight of 150 kg also has a wider seat, which provides increased seating comfort for somewhat wider users of the gaming chairs. The gaming chair for heavy people is also equipped with a compression spring that is firmer and of better quality than a normal gaming chair.

Which gaming chair for heavy people do we recommend?

Which game chair we recommend for heavy people depends on the carrying weight that is required for you. We will start with the Game Hero gaming chair with the highest carrying weight, namely the WINNER X2 . This gaming chair is an eye-catcher and at the same time has a maximum carrying weight of up to 200 kg. The WINNER X2 has a very sporty design and is available in different colours. Another good gaming chair for heavy people is the KINGSHIP N1. This gaming chair has a maximum carrying weight of 180 kg. This is a luxury gaming chair , which means that the chair is made of high-quality material and has a beautiful design.

The KINGSHIP XX is available in black. In addition to these two options, we at Game Hero offer a wide range of other gaming chairs with a carrying weight of 150 kg. You can find these by filtering on the maximum carrying weight of our gaming chairs.

Complete your gaming setup!

In addition to our luxury gaming chairs, we also offer gaming monitors , gaming desks , game accessories and office chairs. This way you can put together your complete gaming setup with us to experience the ultimate experience while gaming. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions about, for example, which chair fits which desk.

Frequently asked questions about these gaming chairs

When is a gaming chair suitable for heavy people?

Whether a gaming chair is suitable for heavy people depends on two aspects. The maximum carrying weight and dimensions of the gaming chair. Take a good look at the possibilities of the chair when ordering, then it should be all right!

Which gaming chair 150 kg carrying weight is right for me?

To see which gaming chair 150kg suits you, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: See what weight and height requirements are required

Step 2: Decide for yourself what amount you want to spend on your gaming chair

Step 3: Choose a chair that you like!

Any questions about our gaming chairs?

We are happy to help you! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and guarantee professional customer service before and after your purchase.

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