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Game desk white

Most gaming desks are black in color. Would you prefer a gaming desk that is white? At Game Hero we do our best to meet every demand. So you can indeed order a gaming desk in white. Or black, red, whatever you want. Gaming on your terms, we make it possible!

Why buy a game desk white?
You can start with a standard table, desk, cabinet, or even a sturdy cardboard box. But there will come a day when you want more and set up your gaming setup perfectly. Then a gaming desk in white is a good basis for your further gaming career. This is an investment that you will enjoy for a long time, it will survive multiple graphics cards in your PC. Or an Xbox, PlayStation and of course the Switch, all of which are available in white.

This is how you find the ideal white game desk
White is the new black, the white gaming desk is also more popular than ever. With more and more electronics in light tones, it may be time to choose your table according to this trend. A light color reflects more light, which can be very practical in a room with limited lighting. Or you just like it with the rest of your setup. Here are some tips at a game desk in white:

Tip 1: If you have a keyboard and mouse in black, a light-colored surface contrasts nicely with this. This increases visibility so you have to search less.

Tip 2: Take the next step in entertainment and choose a desk with LED lighting. You can sync this via software to your favorite games for the ultimate gaming experience.

Tip 3: With a cable grommet and USB ports you can neatly connect all equipment. That makes the white gaming desk much better than standard office furniture.

White the different game desks
On Game Hero you can see all articles within a specific category on the overview page. It is possible that a product is available in several variants. For example, you can sometimes choose a gaming desk in white, black or another color. This applies to products with a standard white version in the photo as well as a black image.

Complete your gaming setup!
An empty desk isn't exciting to look at, is it? Put a curved screen or dual monitor on it. Or a gaming mouse with high sensitivity so that you can react even faster. In the Game Hero webshop you will find the best gaming accessories selected by our experts.

Any questions about game agency white? Game Hero is happy to help you!
Would you like to buy a game desk in white, but are you unsure whether the surface mirrors a monitor? Or do you have a completely different question? Put them at ease and send a message to the Game Hero helpdesk. We are happy to help you on your way.

Frequently asked questions about game desk white

Does a gaming desk in white meet the tournament specifications?
It is mainly the dimensions that are important, not the color. It is possible that a specific color is played during a tournament.

Which looks better on live streams?
Black as a surface is not very noticeable during a stream, on a white desk you can often see objects better. It also depends on the lighting.

How do I keep my white gaming desk clean?
Use a mouse pad or placemat for items that may stain and coasters for drinks. Clean the surface regularly with a cloth and a mild detergent.

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