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As a fanatical gamer, a matching gaming chair is of course indispensable. A gaming chair completes your setup and is also perfect to use as a normal office chair. Due to the ergonomic shape of gaming chairs, you can play your favorite game for hours with ultimate focus.

Why buy a gaming chair?

First of all, let's start with the biggest difference compared to a traditional office chair, the appearance. With this you can immediately distinguish a gaming chair from an office chair . A gaming chair looks a lot sportier in terms of design and they are also available in all kinds of different colors. An office chair, on the other hand, is businesslike and therefore often a bit 'boring'. Nowadays we also see more and more that one of the chairs is used as a gaming office chair and therefore for both occasions. Ideal if you work from home during the day and play games at night.

The ergonomic part is also a big difference with a traditional office chair. An office chair is often fixed and you cannot easily lean back. With a gaming chair you can do this a lot easier, so you can easily change your posture. Do you need a little more focus? Then you just lean forward and start gaming. In between games you can then easily sit back and enjoy your win.

This is how you find the ideal gaming chair

The choice is huge when it comes to gaming chairs. The range is extensive, so the choice may be a bit difficult. To help you with this, we zoom in a bit more on the differences between the gaming chairs that we offer.

If you really can't figure it out online, we can always lend you a helping hand. Maybe you miss certain photos or want to have a specific item featured. You can always contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Choose the right support

The filling of the pillows is an important part, pillows with memory foam adapt to you. This makes this type of filling perfect for long sessions. In general, this type of filling is a bit more expensive, so that is a good consideration to make.

It is also important to see what is adjustable on the gaming office chair. It can also be nice to be able to adjust the armrests in 4D, for optimum working comfort. You should also consider the type of mechanism of the chair. We have enough ergonomic gaming chairs in our range.

The fit

The gaming chair must of course perfectly suit you as a person. Height and weight are an important part of this. For example, there are gaming office chairs for tall people , with a slightly higher backrest. There are also gaming chairs that can carry more than 150 kg . So take a good look at that when purchasing a new gaming chair.

The eye wants something too

Not to forget: the design. This is of course an important part for the gamer, because it completes your gaming setup. Most chairs can therefore be ordered in different colours. Check in advance the different styles that are possible for a gaming chair. Do you want something more minimalistic or completely unpacked with all the trimmings? These are important questions you can ask yourself.

From leather to textile

A cool color is one thing, but the type of material is also an important part. For example, material is important for comfort and also for cleaning. Leather gaming chairs generally have a more luxurious appearance and are also easy to clean, but are often a bit more expensive than the other variants in terms of price.

Artificial leather generally has a less luxurious appearance, but is therefore also a lot cheaper. Good to make this consideration before making a purchase.

Complete your gaming setup

You probably won't get there with just a gaming chair. You need even more for the ideal game setup. First of all, it is good to check with yourself where you game the most, is that behind a desk? Or behind a television? And in addition, the console you play on is also important, as a PC gamer you need different gear than a console gamer.

In any case, check with yourself what you think you need. At Game Hero we want to help you as much as possible to realize the perfect setup for you. Other products that should not be missing:

Do you want to buy a gaming chair, but do you still have questions? Game Hero helps!

You found a new gaming chair, great! But if you haven't figured it out yet, you can always contact us. This can be done via chat or email. We will help you as soon as possible to choose the perfect gaming chair with you.

It is of course also possible to test the chair at home. With a 30-day cooling-off period, you have every opportunity to test the gaming chair. Then you know for sure whether it really suits you. Shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium is fast and completely free.

The gaming chairs and all our other products are of high quality, but if something breaks you have a 1-year warranty on the purchase. So what are you waiting for? Order your new gaming chair at Game Hero today!

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