Gaming setup: de ultieme checklist en voorbeelden

Gaming setup: the ultimate checklist and examples

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You have a fat gaming PC that is currently sitting on an old desk that is almost sagging. An interesting contrast, but now you really want to set up a game room. You've seen all kinds of beautiful setups on Twitch or Reddit, but you can't find the perfect combination yourself. Don't worry, you don't have to fight this battle alone, we are part of your team! Take a good seat (in your gaming chair, of course) and read on. What you need for a game setup, what a game setup costs and what the best gaming setup for beginners is, we explain step by step on this page. This way you can quickly put together your perfect gaming PC setup!

What does a game setup cost?

The good news is that you can set up a game setup pretty cheaply. The less good news is that there is actually no upper limit. Well, whatever you can afford then. What does a game setup cost? A gaming desk and gaming chair will eat up a large part of your budget, but don't cut corners on this either. If you opt for a cheap gaming chair, you will pay this back double and straight later in medical costs for your broken back. A game desk is also much better laid out and often equipped with cable ducts and USB ports. Did you know that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos once started with a door as a tabletop? But then, what has he achieved as a gamer?

If you want to build a gaming setup cheaply, count on at least 600 euros for a desk, gaming chair, gaming monitor and some decoration, you can also go over-the-top and spend 5000 euros or more. Our tip is; build your game setup in parts, opt for quality and expandability. We do not include the costs for your PC, console, controllers and games as this strongly depends on the type of gamer you are. The layout of a gaming PC setup will be slightly different than for a console setup, but the basic principles remain the same. Then we come to the question; how do you put together a good gaming setup?

How do you put together a good gaming setup?

You see, that's exactly the question we've come to now! So many people, so many wishes. We've seen rooms that are completely bare to avoid distractions as much as possible, we've also seen game rooms that Darth Vader can walk right into. Or hundreds of plush game characters who stare at us scary, Five Nights at Freddy's is nothing like that! So tastes differ, so make sure you can keep the focus on your screen. So keep eye-catching accessories and posters behind you as much as possible. Or did you think that live streamers also have such a busy wall behind the camera? What do I need for a game setup? To get started, these 6 tips will help you on your way.

Tips for the best gaming setups

These tips work for every type of gamer and system. It is of course best to set up a game room, but you can also set up a game setup in your bedroom that you can use well.

1. A setup for every room

Measure the available space. Do you have few square meters at your disposal? Then see if you can find a somewhat narrower desk or a gaming chair that doesn't take up that much space. Think vertically with bookshelves on the wall, which is much more practical than a bulky, wide cupboard that takes up an unnecessary amount of space. We would avoid closed cupboard doors anyway, show what you've got!

2. Don't skimp on quality

Rather 5 elements that are really good than 15 products that are already rickety upon purchase. Sometimes this means saving to buy something, but that pays for itself in a longer lifespan. You do that with games too, rather a triple-A game than a handful of budget titles that 'look' like the real thing. Yes, we made that mistake too, you're not alone!

3. Choose a color scheme

We put on our interior designer cap for a while. With the 'M' of Mario of course, we remain gamers! The best way to decorate a room is with a 60-30-10 balance between primary color, secondary color and accent color. So for example pastel green walls, light brown floor and yellow accents such as a lamp or wall rack. A color wheel allows you to choose complementary colors. It works exactly the same with a black - white - gray decor.

4. Do more with light

If you opt for a neutral color scheme, you can achieve great results with your game setup with LED lighting. You can easily transform a light wall into any color of the rainbow, and a gaming desk with built-in LED lamps transforms any room into any desired atmosphere.

5. Hide cables

Opt for a desk with a cable duct, adjust your game setup to the sockets or, if possible, install new connections. You can hide cables behind a plinth. Just make sure you keep enough access to cables in case you need to move or replace something. Tie wraps are ideal for good cable management.

6. Keep it clean

Clean the setup after every gaming session. Your gear, furniture and environment. Just a cloth and a dust buster is a small effort, then you rarely have to perform an extensive cleaning. And you don't have to apologize when someone comes to visit!

What is the best gaming setup for beginners? A good desk, a nice chair and a cupboard to neatly store games and accessories. You've come a long way with that. Hang a few nice prints on the wall and you're well on your way with your gaming setup.

Is a good game setup expensive?

Is it better to invest in a new graphics card or a cool game setup? Of course you have to make choices, also pay attention to the number of years that you benefit from your gaming PC setup. 600 euros spread over 6 years is only 100 euros per year. We can't look at your bank account, but you should certainly not underestimate comfortable gaming. Just as a higher FPS in an FPS is better than the highest resolution textures on an NPC, a comfy gaming chair is better than a resolution your monitor can't handle…

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