Wat is een 1D, 2D, 3D en 4D armleuning?

What is a 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D armrest?

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As a gamer you know the difference between 2D and 3D. Most people know that 2D stands for a flat surface and 3D for depth. But what is a 4D armrest then? An invisible dimension we know from Science Fiction games? On this page we explain what these dimensions mean for a gaming chair armrest. Based on this, you can buy a gaming chair that suits your body and gaming preferences.

Types of armrest for gaming chairs

Although there is certainly a difference between gaming chairs and office chairs, it does not matter in this case which type of chair it is. A gaming chair armrest and office chair armrest can be designed in 5 different types. First the fixed handrail. You cannot move it and, in addition to its functional use, it often also has a decorative value. The chair forms a unity in design and appearance. They are the cheapest and most expensive chairs that are not adjustable. Inexpensive because fewer moving parts are needed, expensive for chairs made from luxury woods or if they are designed by a well-known designer. Then you then get the gradations from 1D to 4D armrest:

What is a 1D armrest?

This is an armrest that is only adjustable in height. You can then adjust how high you want the backrest to support your arms properly. If you are taller or smaller than average, this is better than a chair that is not adjustable.

What is a 2D armrest?

This is an armrest that you can adjust in addition to the height as well as the width. This option is again interesting for people who have a narrower or wider body. If you're a bit thinner, you can move the armrests a bit more inwards, if you're a bit thicker, it's nice to slide the gaming chair armrests out a bit.

What is a 3D armrest?

This is an armrest that you can not only adjust in height and width, but also in depth. So from front to back. This is especially nice for PC gamers who sit behind a gaming desk and bump into other chairs against the edge of the table. Console gamers often lean back a little more, so a 3D backrest can also be nice.

What is a 4D armrest?

This is an armrest that can be adjusted in height, width and depth and can also rotate. It concerns a flat rotation about a fixed axis, so inwards or outwards. The surface of the handrail remains level. This option is especially suitable for gamers who use a keyboard or play with a mouse a lot.

Gaming chair armrest and ergonomics

A nice gaming chair does not always have to be officially an ergonomic gaming chair. When it comes to ergonomic office or gaming chairs, there must be at least a 2D armrest, so adjustable in height and width. The height must be adjustable by 20 to 30 centimeters and the minimum dimensions of the handrail are 20 by 5 centimeters. Do you always have to choose an ergonomic model? If you are looking for an office chair armrest for office work or PC gaming, ergonomics will usually be of greater importance than for playing with a controller on a console. In the latter case, you have more options to change your sitting position and you will lean back more often. Of course, also pay attention to the upholstery and lining when buying a gaming chair.

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