Welke gaming supplementen zijn er?

Which gaming supplements are there?

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Which gaming supplements are there?

Playing a game requires a lot from your body and mind. You must be able to maintain concentration for a longer period of time, if you compete with other gamers you must be able to react accurately to the millisecond. With gaming supplements you provide extra energy, a kind of nitro injection that you feel throughout your body. The game supplements you will find on this page have been extensively tested for efficacy and safety, and there are also delicious flavors to choose from.

What are Gaming Supplements?

Athletes such as cyclists and bodybuilders perform supernatural feats to reach the top. This can only be done by training a lot, but also by getting the right building materials. This way you get the most out of your bet. You partly get these substances from food, but sometimes you need some extra energy. This also applies to gamers who need optimum concentration to stay focused in the heat of battle. That is why gaming supplements have been developed that provide the right dose of building materials for excellent performance during gaming. X-Gamer's products are designed to support avid hobbyists and professional e-gamers alike. Of course within the rules of the law and with an eye for the well-being of gamers. You don't cheat with game supplements, it is mainly an upgrade that you will unlock in your own body and brain.

What is X-Gamer Energy?

The products in our website come from the Swedish company X-Gamer. This is a premium brand of gaming supplements that offers a wide range of products such as:

  • Cans to drink
  • Energy bags
  • Energy Bars
  • Microwave popcorn

With the bags you have more control over the concentration and taste, the cans and other items are simply very practical to use and also serve as a tasty snack in between. Test for yourself what fits within your lifestyle and playing style.

Are gaming supplements tasty?

Who said game supplements can't be tasty? X-Gamer has come up with 20 flavors that will make your mouth water. Do you like cola flavor, nice sweet peach or maybe a combination of ginger and lemon? You can find it in our webshop. Pay attention and never exceed the recommended dose, no matter how delicious these gaming supplements are!

What's in game supplements?

The composition per product differs, as does the concentration. In addition, the absorption in the body may differ. An important element of game supplements is the addition of caffeine. An X-Gamer energy drink contains 200mg of caffeine, an energy sachet contains 50mg. This way you can accurately adjust the amount to your needs. If you are hypersensitive to caffeine or other ingredients in these articles, stop immediately and contact your doctor if symptoms persist. It is quite possible that the cause lies elsewhere.

You can also drink coffee for caffeine, but gaming supplements from X-Gamer offer much more. You get 27 vitamins that make your body stronger and you get more resistance. In addition, there are nootropic amino acids that help to keep your brain sharp. You should see these products as a supplement for gaming, they are not intended to replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you eat responsibly and exercise enough, you will achieve the best results in combination with these game supplements.

Do gaming supplements fit into my diet?

X-Gamer products fit within a conscious diet. They do not contain any animal ingredients, which makes these gaming supplements suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Even if you follow a keto diet, you can take these products without any problems. Always read the ingredient list per product to see if the ingredients match your preferences and possible allergies. No sugar is processed in X-Gamer products. This keeps the number of calories per unit low, and you also prevent that annoying dip after a 'sugar rush'.

These gaming supplements are allowed in international gaming tournaments. Take the lead and good luck!

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